Овладей немой мощью Сетевая Экономика рождается во взаимодействии и резонансе двух процессов: уменьшения размера чипов и резкого увеличения количества связей между ними. Эти неожиданные глобальные перемены буквально ломают старые законы и приготавливают территорию для нарождающейся экономики. Размеры чипов все уменьшаются, снижается и цена каждого чипа. Они проникают в каждый объект. Теперь не найдешь приличного отеля […]

Двенадцать принципов преуспевания в бурно меняющемся мире Во всех заголовках и на всех страницах сегодня одно: Цифровая Революция. Но настоящая революция проникает повсюду исподволь и незаметно — это Сетевая Экономика. Она представляет собой глобальную перестройку нашей жизни, большую, чем все, что было сделано до сих пор. У нее свои уникальные возможности и абсолютно новые правила. […]

Don’t solve problems In the end, what does this Network Economy bring us? Economists once thought that the coming age would bring supreme productivity. But, in a paradox, increasing technology has not led to measurable increases in productivity. This is because productivity is exactly the wrong thing to care about. The only ones who should […]

Seek sustainable disequilibrium In the industrial perspective, the economy was a machine that was to be tweaked to optimal efficiency, and, once finely tuned, maintained in productive harmony. Companies or industries especially productive of jobs or goods had to be protected and cherished at all costs, as if these firms were rare watches in a […]

The net wins Many observers have noted the gradual displacement in our economy of materials by information. Automobiles weigh less than they once did and perform better. The missing materials have been substituted with nearly weightless high tech know-how in the form of plastics and composite fiber materials. This displacement of mass with bits will […]

Let go at the top The tightly linked nature of any economy, but especially the Network Economy’s ultraconnected constitution, makes it behave ecologically. The fate of individual organizations is not dependent entirely on their own merits, but also on the fate of their neighbors, their allies, their competitors, and, of course, on that of the […]

Feed the web first The distinguishing characteristic of networks is that they have no clear center and no clear outer boundaries. The vital distinction between the self (us) and the nonself (them) — once exemplified by the allegiance of the industrial-era organization man — becomes less meaningful in a Network Economy. The only «inside» now […]

Follow the free If services become more valuable the more plentiful they are (Law #2), and if they cost less the better and the more valuable they become (Law #6), then the extension of this logic says that the most valuable things of all should be those that are given away. Microsoft gives away its […]

Anticipate the cheap One curious aspect of the Network Economy would astound a citizen living in 1897: The very best gets cheaper each year. This rule of thumb is so ingrained in our contemporary lifestyle that we bank on it without marveling at it. But marvel we should, because this paradox is a major engine […]

Make virtuous circles The prime law of networking is known as the law of increasing returns. Value explodes with membership, and the value explosion sucks in more members, compounding the result. An old saying puts it more succinctly: Them that’s got shall get. We see this effect in the way areas such as Silicon Valley […]