Significance precedes momentum There is yet one more lesson to take from these primeval cases of the Network Economy. And here, another biological insight will be handy. In retrospect, one can see from these expo-curves that a point exists where the momentum was so overwhelming that success became a runaway event. Success became infectious, so […]

Success is nonlinear The chart of Microsoft’s cornucopia of profits is a revealing graph because it mirrors several other plots of rising stars in the Network Economy. During its first 10 years, Microsoft’s profits were negligible. Its profits rose above the background noise only around 1985. But once they began to rise, they exploded. Federal […]

More gives more Curious things happen when you connect all to all. Mathematicians have proven that the sum of a network increases as the square of the number of members. In other words, as the number of nodes in a network increases arithmetically, the value of the network increases exponentially. Adding a few more members […]

Embrace dumb power The Network Economy is fed by the deep resonance of two stellar bangs: the collapsing microcosm of chips and the exploding telecosm of connections. These sudden shifts are tearing the old laws of wealth apart and preparing territory for the emerging economy. As the size of silicon chips shrinks to the microscopic, […]

By Kevin Kelly Twelve dependable principles for thriving in a turbulent world The Digital Revolution gets all the headlines these days. But turning slowly beneath the fast-forward turbulence, steadily driving the gyrating cycles of cool technogadgets and gotta-haves, is a much more profound revolution — the Network Economy. This emerging new economy represents a tectonic […]

Не решайте проблем! Что же принесет нам Сетевая Экономика? Экономисты думают, что грядущая эпоха принесет «суперпродуктивность». Но парадокс в том, что развитие технологии не ведет к существенному росту продуктивности. Дело в том, что продуктивность — совсем не то, о чем стоит думать. Пусть роботы заботятся о производительности. Ведь от того, что на производство одного фильма […]